Not all careers take years to kick-off!

Prismpoint Technologies Inc tap on the expertise and best IT experts to provide short courses like software testing, Java programming, networking, QA, Project Manager, Android, IOS, Salesforce etc. Our team of experts consists of veteran and young IT professionals with rich experience in the respective fields and a passion to pass their knowledge to enthusiasts like you.

  • Our courses are not only short and simple to understand, they provide you with the most recent and helpful content in the fields of Information technology.
  • Our professionals introduce you to the courses like a beginner, help you define terms in the software testing course for instance; and guide you till you know all the concepts of the particular course.
  • Prismpoint Technologies Inc was created with the goal of helping non-IT professionals learn the basics of the inevitable IT world.
  • Our courses were developed to focus on the most basic principles of IT. With our Fundamentals of Computer Networking course, we guide you through the basics networking terminologies, what they mean and why you should understand them.
  • Our JAVA and HTML basic courses on the other hand focus on expanding your knowledge in computer programming. However, we don’t aim to leave you with basic knowledge alone. Our expert programming trainers are equipped with the most advanced tools and software to offer you a smooth transition from a beginner to an expert programmer.
  • Speaking of software and tools-we are constantly following trends to help us update our software and tools to meet international standards year in year out.
  • When it comes to providing class experience, we are the best! We believe in small and manageable classes where the trainer and student get to spend as much time together as possible. The classes are located along main highways for easy accessibility, and our contacts are available at all times.

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